No Amigo For The Ego

‘Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.’Romans 12:15, NET

Rejoice really is a cool word. You want to know why I particularly like this word? It suggests doing it all over again! Celebrate! Share! Engage! And what’s even better is it seems to have the ability to spread in an organic way. Sharing those moments should be obvious, but what is going on when we can’t?

Remember When.
There was a time when we were able to find joy in just about anything. When we were young, could find joy in mud-pies, dandelions, and grasshoppers. It was as though we knew the secret that everyone else was searching for, and we did everything we cold to share it. Lightning bugs in the evening. Cloud shapes during the day. Our awe in the external, those things outside of ourselves captivated everything. It wasn’t about us, rather it was about the other.
Hello Ego
It would seem that somewhere along the way something changed. We discovered something else, we discovered ourselves…and then some. When we discovered ourselves, we encountered hunger, we found want and need. Instead of being captivated and in awe of the external, our focus goes internal, to what we want, we need.
Feed me.
The problem here is Our Ego Has No Amigo…other than you.
Pride or Faith
When our ego becomes our best friend, we become the center of everything. Our thoughts are focused on ourselves. Even when we might be self-effacing and act humble, we still find ourselves feeding our wants and needs above all else. We are not only occupied with ourselves, but like being the center of our own attention and think others probably like our preferred center as well. It’s all about us. But if it’s all about us, where does faith fit? If our focus is on us, how can we focus on Christ?
As Christians we are called to have faith in Jesus Christ. This means not having a self-preoccupation, self-infatuation and self-exaltation, but instead having a Christ-preoccupation, Christ-infatuation, and Christ-exaltation. Faith is about turning from ourselves to Christ. Without faith in Christ, pride reigns. When Christ reigns, we weep as Christ weeps, we rejoice as Christ rejoices. So, ‘Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.’

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