How Do I Become a Member?

You’ve felt a nudge or pull, and you’re not sure what to do or what it means to be a member at White Oak Methodist. You have come to the right place to begin to find answers. Our pastor, our staff or even our membership will be happy to visit with you any time about the commitment and community of membership.

Whether you are a new Christian, transferring from another denomination or from another United Methodist Church, we ask that you meet with, our pastor.

This visit will include information and provide an opportunity for discussion of the following topics:

* The White Oak United Methodist Church Congregation
* The United Methodist Church
* How Do I Find My Place at White Oak Methodist?

Just as important as the topics is the time will allow you to become better acquainted with the church and help you share your hopes and dreams for ministry as a Christian.

God has blessed us with the invitation to be in relationship with our Creator. We would consider it a privilege to have you be part of our church family as we seek to grow in faith and serve God in all we do.

What will really happen when I do join?

You will find opportunities and challenges to serve God within and beyond the local church.
You will be a part of a gathering of people with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, where everyone may not agree, but all will be heard, as we strive to live and grow in Christian community.


Professes their faith in The Trinity (God, the Father Almighty, Jesus, his only son, and the Holy Spirit).
Commits his/her prayers, presence, gifts and service to the church. Is officially added to the membership records of White Oak United Methodist Church and The United Methodist Church. Has been baptized. Can vote and participate in church business.


Maintains membership at two churches (both United Methodist or one of another denomination). Enjoys the same benefits of full membership. Agrees to the same commitments and meets the same requirements of a full member.


Is preparing for full membership in the church. Has been baptized, but not confirmed. Is under the age of 19.


Regularly attends and gives support to the church. Has not made the additional commitments of becoming a full member.